All locked doors and unmade beds
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About: "Napušteni brodovi plivaju lijeno, rastočene olupine, kao ti i ja." —Azra

“‘You’re confused, because whomsoever or whatever you give yourself to is never enough for you – isn’t that true? Nobody can hold you for long: you are always looking beyond the object of your love, looking for something you will never find. You will have to look inside yourself if you ever hope to free yourself of torment. You make friends easily, I’m sure. And yet there is no one whom you can really call your friend. You are alone. You will always be alone. You want too much, more than life can offer…’” —Henry Miller

"A wild longing for strong emotions and sensations seethes in me, a rage against this toneless, flat, normal and sterile life." —Anaïs Nin

“Three films a day, three books a week and records of great music would be enough to make me happy to the day I die.” —François Truffaut

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“Our lives disconnect and reconnect, we move on, and later we may again touch one another, again bounce away. This is the felt shape of a human life, neither simply linear nor wholly disjunctive nor endlessly bifurcating, but rather this bouncey-castle sequence of bumpings-into and tumblings-apart.” —Salman Rushdie, The Ground Beneath Her Feet (via kosmik-k)
“Do not ask of me, my love,
that love I once had for you…
How lovely you are still, my love,
but I am helpless too;
for the world has other sorrows than love,
and other pleasures, too.
Do not ask of me, my love,
that love I once had for you.”
—'Step Across This Line' by Salman Rushdie (via finatography)
“Tell your heart to jump to another” —Anna Calvi, Suddenly
“Everyone has beautiful eyes when you look at them closely enough,
every lip has a fine curve once you have kissed it,
everyone utters a nice pair of words if you talk to them for awhile”
—Mehmet Erte, from "Because I am a Rose"


people are encouraged or allowed to develop ‘tastes’, ‘curiosities’, fetishes towards bodies as if they are candy. as if they are a flavor of candy. as if we are entitled to each other’s bodies like a fucking candy. don’t like it, spit it out. look for another. get sick of it, try something new. and we kill each other with this. we kill the sanctity of these ever dying bodies with this and dare to call it intimacy and love.


Before we slept together, there was at least some pretence that it was something we both wanted to do, that it was the healthy, strong beginning of an exciting new relationship. Now all the pretence seems to have gone, and we’re left to face the fact that we’re sitting here because we don’t know anybody else we could be sitting with.

Nick Hornby, High Fidelity

You was real cute til u had said that stupid shit

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“So be the Qyss of longing,
if you wish. As for me
I like to be loved as I am
not as a color photo
in the paper, or as an idea
composed in a poem amid the stags …”
—Mahmoud Darwish, from "No More and No Less"
Die Fremde / When We Leave (2010)

Die Fremde / When We Leave (2010)

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